Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment Options

There are 2 fulfillment options. Option 1 we cover product cost, option 2 you cover cost.

Under option 1 you will get a 40% royalty from the retail price monthly. Option 2 you will get the entire retail price minus shipping and handling fee.

We generally keep a minimum of 2 of each size (S-XXXL) in stock for cost effectiveness. This is ultimately based on sell through. We require 7 to 10 business days to process customer orders, in case of out of stock, but most will ship next day via 2 day USPS Priority mail.

Fulfillment Option 1:

Amplify covers: All costs related to merchandise, and all in stock management of printed products.

60% Amplify – 40% Client, based on the online retail price. This will be billed to you on a monthly basis. No handling fee for this option. If the store is created on our site, you will receive a royalty payment at the end of the month.

Fulfillment Option 2:

The client covers all cost related to merchandise up front, prices will be based on quantities ordered and you will be responsible for in stock management decisions.

A monthly inventory report will be issued to you via email.

All low or out of stock items will be submitted for approval for restock, via sales order.

All out of stock items will be posted with an “Out of Stock” or “Backorder” status on the store(s) as directed by the client.

There will be a $1.50 per package, and $0.50 per item handling fee for all shipped merchandise. This also covers product storage. Larger stocks may require an additional storage fee.

You will be set up on a net 30 payment plan, for all printed merchandise and will be invoiced accordingly.