My name is Monica Goines. I’m a north Alabama native and a business owner. Before starting my company, I had a successful 15 year career in production. I was making $ and enjoying life. I was blessed. I was Happy! Unfortunately, in 2019 I unexpectedly lost my best friend. All the adventures, plans, and motivation went out the window. I struggled to keep doing what was my new normal! So after the pandemic, I decided to create my own new normal. I gained the Audacity to live again! I quit my job and incorporated my businesses. Every day I could hear him saying, “If you look good, you feel child. And I look damn good!” I realized other people probably needed that reminder too! Audacity was created for people who dare to do what they want to do! Audacity is for people who believe in themselves! Having Audacity, makes you #DaBoss.


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